Roberto Mancini’s press conference, new coach

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Roberto Mancini's press conference, new coach


At 14 hours Italian was presentanto the press and the whole world as the new coach Roberto Mancini, replacing the sacked Walter Mazzarri. For the former Galatasaray coach is making a comeback after having coached the team from 2004 to 2008. With Inter he signed a contract valid until June 2017.

Erick Thohir, the current owner of Inter, with this change on the bench clearly wants to revive not only the morale of the players, but also, and most importantly, the results in the Premier League, bringing the team in the standing it. Not only that, with Mancini wants Inter back on top of the world.

But let’s get to the protagonist of this story, or Roberto Mancini. The press conference was supposed to start at 14, but the new coach is due to arrive late, making the environment more anxious than it was before. The fact is that it finally arrived at 14:10. The press conference started at 14:15, 15 minutes late. Last note is the presence of the vicepresident Javier Zanetti, nearly an infiltrator among the journalists present. Here is the full press conference:

Good evening everyone.”

After the official announcement of his arrival, all backed up the various social networks. How much pleasure gets this?

“I never thought about going back to Inter. It ‘happened very quickly and these things happen in football, and I’m very happy, because it means that’ done something important.

There is a great entusismo from the fans. But there is a risk that it is disproportionate to the reality? And there is some analogy Inter in 2004 with that of today?

“It ‘s difficult to make comparisons, partly because not familiar with all the players. It’s up to us, however, return the right enthusiasm to the players and especially the fans, so they can return to the stage.”

What did he think of the return you back in the game just to Inter?

I did not think to come back to Inter. Me from called, we met with the leadership, told me from the project and I agreed, because I believe in the project. We must inevitably return to winning ways with work, because the Inter is a great club.

See the similarities between Inter Milan Inter Milan today with your past?

When you change the coach to say that certain things did not go as they should go. And this is not always the fault of the coach. I think Mazzarri’s a great coach. If something did not go well, it will definitely change to shift gears. Ten years ago I had some exceptional players. Today we have a team that has to work hard, and the results will come as a result.

Change something to Inter without the presence of Mazzarri? Will you come back to play with 4 defenders and 4 midfielders?

“The family Moratti has made the history of Inter. It impossible to erase and erase everything he has done over many decades. If Massimo Moratti has made this decision, you have to respect it. We spoke on the phone and he is happy with this choice . in any case it is always in the company. I can only thank him for being able to coach Inter ten years ago. Moratti will always remain an important figure in this club. For Mourinho, it certainly has accomplished a feat in winning three races in a single year. now we shall be able to win again as in the past. the game now we will see, once started training. I have some ideas in mind, but first I want to hear the players.

What will you say to the players initially? What do you think of Kovacic?

“The enthusiasm and the foundation of our work to our coaches, so I would give enthusiasm to the team. Kovacic is a young guy with great qualities. He definitely needs time to grow and to become a champion.”

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What do you think of Inter ten years ago? It ‘s the same as that of today?

“I do not know if it’s the same thing ten years ago. Probably now Inter is different. Ten years ago I was given the opportunity to coach a major club. The call from Thohir I received it on Friday night, and I’m very happy.

What time you gave yourself to give a certain impression to your current Inter puntellerai Thohir and how to go on the market?

In football, there’s never a long time, and it is important to assimilate it all. So we have to work fast to win and do a good job. The market still do not know, why do not I know the team.”

What do you carry your past from abroad in this team, and that added value can pass it on? Do you think that you have called for these reasons?

I do not know if they called me for these reasons. If one makes the experience abroad, then live a different world of football. In six years between Inhilterra and Turkey have experienced many good times professional. If a coach gets well out of the Italy is certainly helpful. Now return to Italy, Inter, and these experiences will definitely help me to work as a home-Inter is must.

You piacerbbe become the Inter Ferguson?

Ferguson was 27 years at Manchester United. I do not think I will be 27 years at Inter. But I am very happy to work again in Italy and I hope to bring Inter Milan at the top and abroad.

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What do you think of Inter, Milan and Juventus today than when you left?

“They are very important clubs in Italy and abroad. Therefore, in the championship will be a fight with them for the title, most Roma and Napoli.

Italian football is in crisis right now? What do you think of Gari Medel?

The Chilean football, at this time, is churning out so many talents. Medel I’ve only seen on television, and is a great player. How to play I do not know. Certainly not the goal. The Chileans are professionals with a capital P. Do not there’s no crisis in Italy, but also abroad. but I will try to bring up the name of Inter, also because we are Italian.

What is your position now that you’re on the Inter bench? What do you think of Italian football today?

“I’ve always said things that I think, without hiding. At this time we only think to work well. Our football can improve a lot. The most important people are the players that are fun people and they too have fun. The rest, is less important.

Would you have preferred a softer approach to Inter, because now you have to play against Milan and then Rome?

“I honestly do not know the schedule Friday night, apart from the fact that we had to play against AC Milan. But other than that a coach has to think about work and nothing else, regardless adversary who will face.

The characteristics of Nagatomo could be useful to his patterns of play?

“Yes, as well as all the Inter players, which I consider important.”

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Do you think that the crisis is only in Italian football and because of the coaches?

It is not only in Italy, but it is normal that if things do not go well then it is the coach who pays. But we must always seek to do good to avoid getting fired.

His engagement leads us to think that she should win, and that there will be investment. It ‘s so?

When one plays football as a child, he always wants to win. So that is within each of us. We must therefore do their best. I need to know the team well, because otherwise it makes no sense to pick players in January. Or take them very strong or you have to adapt immediately to my patterns and the team. our goal is that all players amalghimino 200%

The presence of so many young people, would be an obstacle?

No, for me it is a stimulus the presence of young people. In fact, if they work well and with enthusiasm, we can build a strong team in time. And for me it is important that the team plays good football

What do you think of the whistles against Mazzarri? With his return, Balotelli will be back?

“I’m sorry for this exemption, and I think Mazzarri has done well at Inter. Mario looks good for Liverpool, and had a great chance to get back into one of the top leagues in the world

Can you tell us what you said with Thohir?

I thanked him for making me go back to the home of Inter Milan. He was sorry for Mazzarri. I thought it was a good people and who wants to bring Inter Milan at the top, like myself

The gaming rig Inter Mazzarri can be a starting point, as well as the three-man defense?

“There is a problem with playing a defensive three and four. That’s why I want to talk to the players and see what they think to draw the necessary conclusions.

What do you think of Vidic and Guarin? Why do not they are still adapting to Italian football?

“When one changes the league needs to adapt to the new, and sometimes it takes time. Guarin and Vidic are great players and I think you ambienteranno soon, and it will show on the field”